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  • August 25 2023
  • Residential Aged Care

7 things to look for in an aged care home

Choosing a Gold Coast residential aged care home requires careful consideration. It’s critical to find a home that meets the needs of your loved one and provides them with everything they need to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

As a premium aged care home on the Gold Coast, we ensure the best possible care for all of our residents and provide personalised care that empowers each individual. When it comes to choosing an aged care home, we think there are seven essential elements to look for. 

They include: 

A person-centred approach

Aged care homes need to provide a person centred approach to care.  Every resident has different medical needs and personal circumstances that require a personalised approach. This ensures your loved one gets a care plan that is tailored to meet their needs.

A person centred approach is also about involving residents in all decisions, promoting independence and making them in control of how their days are scheduled. This increases their sense of purpose and dignity. 

Caring staff

The foundation of every residential aged care home is its employees. When you’re looking for a Gold Coast aged care home it must have a team of compassionate and caring staff. Along with a caring nature, they also need to be well-trained and have plenty of experience in the aged care sector. Look for homes that provide staff with ongoing training and a supportive work environment. 

Safe environment

An aged care home must provide a safe environment for all residents. This includes physical aspects such as providing accessible facilities like handrails, ramps, emergency response systems and well-designed living spaces. In cases of residents who have dementia, it’s also essential for the aged care home to provide sufficient security to ensure safety. 

A range of social activities

Choose an aged care home that provides a diverse range of activities and events that can help your loved one maintain their physical and mental well-being. You should look for a home that provides regular outings, exercise programs, cultural events and social activities, that can help foster a sense of community and enhance your loved one’s quality of life. 

The lifestyle team at HillView Care is passionate about providing activities that build social connections and empower residents to follow their passions. From art and craft to day trips in the local community, the diversional therapists are committed to providing a range of social activities. 

A variety of nutritious meals

A healthy, balanced diet is essential as you age. When you’re looking for an aged care home for your loved one, always ensure the home provides a healthy menu of nutritious meals. As well as being well-balanced, meals need to cater to specific dietary requirements and individual tastes. 

The on-site chefs at HillView Care provide a range of delicious meals and consult with dietitians to ensure they are providing all the nutrients our residents need. In addition to regular food services, residents also enjoy happy hours, pre-dinner drinks, cocktail hours, BBQ nights, ice cream extravaganzas and a range of other special events. Our catering team makes all the food for the café and they also cater for private family functions.

Professional medical care

Choose an aged care home that provides comprehensive health care services to address the evolving needs of residents. This includes access to medical professionals, medication management, allied health services, and specialised care for conditions such as dementia or palliative care. 

A collaborative approach to aged care

To give your loved one the best care possible, it’s essential to take a collaborative approach. Aged care homes must encourage family involvement and work hand-in-hand with family members to make the best decisions for their loved one’s care. 

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Choosing the right aged care home is a crucial step in ensuring the well-being and happiness of your loved ones. By considering these seven factors, person-centred care, caring staff, a safe environment, a variety of social activities, healthy meals, quality medical care and a collaborative approach, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your loved one’s needs and values. 

Remember, the right aged care home is more than just a facility; it’s a place that nurtures and supports residents, providing them with comfort, dignity, and a fulfilling life. 

If you’re considering HillView Care, please book a tour and see HillView Care in person and we’ll show you around our incredible facilities and you’ll meet some of our friendly staff. 

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