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  • July 28 2023
  • Residential Aged Care

Caring for your loved ones from far away

As our loved ones grow older it becomes more important to show them we care. Unfortunately, when you are separated from your cherished family members who live in residential aged care facilities far away, it can be challenging to provide them with the care and support you’d like to offer. 

Even when you’re far away, there are several ways you can still ensure your loved ones feel nurtured, connected and cherished. Let’s take a look at some of the heartfelt strategies you can use to show your loved ones you care when they are living in an aged care home located far away. 

Develop a close relationship with the care team

At HillView Care, we value the importance of building a strong relationship with our residents and their families. When you are in regular contact with the care team you can stay updated on your loved one’s health and well-being. When you are engaged you can help to create a nurturing environment for your loved ones and be actively involved in any decisions that need to be made. 

Regular communication

If you live far away from your loved one’s residential aged care home, communication is critical in continuing to foster a strong connection. Regular contact through phone calls, video chats, emails and even letters and cards can help to show you’re thinking of them. 

Digital technology is a great way to bridge the gap and stay in constant contact with your loved ones when they are living in a residential aged care home and you’re far away. Help them learn how to use phones or tablets to connect through group video calls where the whole family can talk regardless of their geographical location. 

By regularly keeping in contact, checking on their well-being and engaging in meaningful conversations you can let them know you care. The HillView Care team encourages all family members to stay actively involved in the life of our residents and will go above and beyond to help you maintain these relationships even from far away. 

Planned visits

Planned visits can give residents something to look forward to and will allow you and your loved one to create more memories together. HillView Care provides function rooms and beautiful spaces where you can hold family get-togethers and our on-site chefs can even cater for special events. 

Send care packages

Sending care packages is a beautiful way to show your loved ones you care even when you’re not living nearby. While residents at HillView Care Merrimac and Ashmore have an array of delicious meals served every day, it’s nice when they receive personalised care packages filled with their favourite treats or snacks. 

Care packages could include items that spark nostalgia or things to help them to continue to pursue their hobbies or interests. These thoughtful gifts are a good reminder that you value and cherish them from a distance. 

Emotional support

When loved ones are separated from the people they feel close to, it can sometimes bring about feelings of isolation or loneliness. Even though they are supported by a strong community of residents and staff at HillView Care, they may need some encouraging words and emotional support from you.  

Engage in conversations that lift their spirits and always update them with positive news from family or friends. Involve them in family events and celebrations when possible and show them that just because they are far away doesn’t mean they are far from your thoughts. 

HillView Care for your loved ones

Are you considering HillView Care as a Gold Coast residential aged care home for your loved one, but are hesitant because you live a little further away? Our premium aged care homes provide the best care for ageing loved ones and if you aren’t close by can help you stay connected. 

By providing personalised care, our team will do everything they can to help your loved one feel nurtured and provide a loving community where they feel at home. If you can’t be close by, be assured that they are supported and cared for at our HillView Care residential aged care homes. 

To learn more about HillView Care, book a tour or get in touch with us at 07 5559 3222. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

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