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  • January 18 2023
  • Residential Aged Care

Is residential aged care the best option for your loved one? 

Even if it’s spurred on by a fall or medical emergency, making the decision for a loved one to move into residential aged care can be difficult and highly emotional. 

Perhaps you don’t have the ability to care for them yourself anymore, or they require more care than home care can provide. Whatever the reason, it’s not always an easy transition. 

The best way to decide if aged care is right for your loved one is to gain a better understanding of exactly what residential aged care involves. 

What is aged care? 

Whilst at first glance it seems like a simple answer, there are many different types of aged care. Residential aged care is an option for long-term care in a residence that is specifically designed for older adults who can no longer live independently. 

As well as accommodation, residential aged care homes provide assistance with everyday activities such as meals, cleaning, bathing, dressing and 24/7 medical care. It’s also a great way for older adults to stay connected and be part of a community through a range of recreational and social activities. 

HillView Care provides assistance with everyday tasks and more. Our Gold Coast aged care homes in Merrimac and Ashmore are designed to ensure residents stay as independent as possible and continue to live their best lives, albeit with a helping hand from our friendly team of carers, nurses and therapists. 

Residents at HillView Care stay in beautiful, well-appointed rooms, most with a terrace or balcony, and dine on delicious, fresh, chef-prepared meals from morning to night. They can join in a range of activities and events, organised by our wonderful team of diversional therapists. 

What to consider when deciding if residential aged care is the right choice

When deciding if residential aged care is the best option for your loved one, it’s important to consider: 

Personal feelings

It’s important to consider your loved one’s feelings about moving into an aged care home. If possible, it’s essential to include them in the process and ensure they are involved every step of the way.  At HillView Care we see ourselves as a home-away-from-home. We want all our residents to feel as comfortable as possible and live their lives as they want to. 

We encourage you to bring them along on a tour of the home, which may help to dissolve any misconceptions they have and help them feel more comfortable about the decision.

Your loved one’s needs

To ensure your loved one receives the best care possible, it’s important to consider their physical, emotional and cognitive needs. If they have specific medical needs, living at home may no longer be a viable option. A residential aged care home has 24/7 medical care and qualified nurses who are always on hand to help. 

The location of the residential aged care home

Isolation is a big concern for many elderly people moving into aged care homes, so the aged care home location is very important. Visits from family and friends help boost a resident’s emotional health and wellbeing, so it’s important that the residential aged care home is located in a convenient location. While a couple of hours may not seem like much now, the distance can become a problem if friends and family want to visit frequently or if their health deteriorates. 

Gold Coast residential aged care homes

At HillView Care we know this is an important decision and a personal one that will take careful consideration. As well as a professional and friendly team, we provide a range of services to help your loved one’s feel at home. 

  • Home-cooked meals prepared on-site by professional chefs.
  • 24/7 medical care.
  • Well-appointed accommodation options. 
  • Hair and beauty services on-site.
  • Daily housekeeping. 
  • Cafe on-site at Merrimac. 

Ultimately, the most important thing is to ensure your loved one feels comfortable and is receiving the help they need to live their life to the fullest.

If you think residential aged care may be the right choice for your loved one, the first step is to find out if they are eligible for subsidised aged care. This is a two-part process and will help determine what level of care your loved one needs. 

Firstly, it’s an online assessment, or it can be done over the phone, then an in-person assessment with the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). 

If you would like to take a look around HillView Care Merrimac or Ashmore, book a tour today or call 07 5559 3222 for more information. 

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