• November 01 2021

The first step when moving into an aged care home

Have you or your loved one decided it’s time to consider moving into an aged care home? Once you get to this step you’ve probably already been through an arduous decision making process, however there are still a few vital steps you need to complete before you’re ready to make the move. 

Even before you start looking at aged care homes, you’ll need to complete an Aged Care Assessment

What is an Aged Care Assessment? 

During this assessment a team of professionals evaluate your overall condition and identify what kind of aged care services and level of need you or your loved one requires. It’s the first step to moving into an aged care home. 

Who’s eligible for an Aged Care Assessment? 

If you are elderly (65 years or older, 50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people) you are eligible for an assessment. 

How to apply for an Aged Care Assessment? 

To apply for an Aged Care Assessment you have to apply online. The online application will take 15 – 20 minutes to complete. This online application is suitable for anyone looking for help at home, short-term care or care in an aged care home

If you aren’t computer savvy, a friend or family member can fill out the form for you. It consists of three parts – eligibility, personal details and arranging the assessment. You will need your Medicare Card to complete the application.

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The next step

The next step is to be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team. If you’re approved for a face-to-face aged care assessment you will meet with a team member in about two to six weeks after your application is approved.

Who is on the Aged Care Assessment Team

The Aged Care Assessment team is made up of a collection of medical professionals. This could include nurses, mental health specialists and other members of general practice. 

What is the role of the Aged Care Assessment Team? 

The Aged Care Assessment Team is tasked with determining you or your loved one’s needs. To determine the most appropriate care the team will assess: 

  • medical needs
  • social and cultural needs
  • physical needs
  • psychological needs. 

Some of the main duties of the Aged Care Assessment Team include: 

  • managing referrals for aged care
  • assessments 
  • creating support plans
  • recommending services and care under the Aged Care Act of 1997 or CHSP Services
  • noting approvals for care under the Aged Care Act of 1997
  • referring individuals for services
  • reviewing and updating client records, support plans and assessment outcomes. 

The assessment – what to expect? 

It may sound complicated, but an Aged Care Assessment is a fairly simple process.

The assessment will either take place in your home, or hospital if you’ve been admitted. You’re welcome to have a support person present during the assessment. 

The team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs. They will talk about your medical history and assess physical function. To do this they will conduct a series of simple tests to determine independence and mobility levels. This will indicate what level of care you need. 

Some questions the team may ask include: 

  • What health concerns do you have? 
  • How do you manage caring for yourself and tasks around the home? 
  • What support do you currently receive?

It’s important to remember that the Assessment Team is unable to recommend aged care homes. This is an individual choice. 

For the assessment, remember to have your medical records on hand as well as your GP’s details, details about any other care you’re receiving, referrals from specialists or your GP and any questions you’d like to ask about the Aged Care Assessment process. 

Where to go for more information? 

For more information about the first step when moving into an aged care home you can contact My Aged Care. The team at HillView Aged Care can also help with the assessment process

The next step – eligible for aged care 

Once you’ve been assessed as eligible, it’s time to start looking at aged care homes. If you’re on the Gold Coast you can visit HillView Care homes in person. We’ll take you and your family on a tour and answer any questions you may have. Contact us online to book a tour, or call (07) 5559 3222.

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