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  • September 15 2022
  • Residential Aged Care

What’s the difference between aged care and a nursing home?

Quite simply, there is no difference. Nowadays nursing homes are called residential aged care homes.

Residential aged care homes are for older people who can no longer live in their home because they need additional care. Aged care homes provide long term, ongoing care. Some residential aged care homes also provide respite care to give carers a break from looking after their loved ones.

Residential aged care homes employ nurses and are able to provide 24/7 care to residents to ensure their emotional and physical health is cared for. This includes a range of social events and activities organised by diversional therapists to enhance interaction and connection between residents and staff.

What to expect from residential aged care homes

Moving into an aged care home can be an overwhelming experience for family members who require extra care. Leaving the comfort of their home and changing their environment is daunting, but there are tremendous benefits.

When your loved one moves into a quality aged care home, you can expect:

  • Accommodation options.
  • Access to 24/7 medical care as well as other therapies.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Meals.
  • A range of lifestyle activities.
  • Security.
  • Help with day-to-day tasks such as showering or dressing.

A fresh take on nursing homes

In the past some people associated nursing homes with a hospital-like environment where residents lost their ability to make decisions and forgo their independence. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Residential aged care homes are like a home away from home, with all the comforts as well as a bustling social scene. Some myths surrounding aged care homes include:

Residential aged care homes are like hospitals

We may provide 24/7 medical care, but our residential aged care homes are nothing like hospitals.

We admit, it’s definitely different than living independently, but your loved ones don’t need to lose their independence, they are in control of how they run their day and how they are cared for.

Our homes are suitable for seniors with a variety of care needs, so if your loved one is used to doing a lot of things for themselves, we provide a great environment where they can maintain their independence. We want our care home to feel like home, so we do everything we can to make your loved ones feel comfortable and relaxed.

The design of our aged care homes in Ashmore and Merrimac means there is plenty of space to get out and about in our beautiful gardens, or entertain family and friends in our cafe, on the roof deck, or in one of our sunrooms, lounges or recreation spaces.

The food is terrible

At HillView Care we’re proud of our amazing menu! Our talented chefs prepare home-cooked meals onsite, serving breakfast, morning tea, a hot lunch or salad, afternoon tea, a 3-course dinner and a light supper every day.

Our resident chefs cater to all dietary needs and you have the peace of mind that our menu is endorsed by a dietician. We’ve even won awards for food safety! If your family has a special occasion, our chefs also cater for BBQ nights and special events – even private family functions.

There’s no privacy in aged care home

It’s a common misconception that residents won’t get much privacy after they move into a residential aged care home.

At HillView Care our residents can choose to be as outgoing or as introverted as they like. If they’d prefer to keep to themselves more, our beautiful rooms are spacious and provide a comfortable living space. We also have plenty of spaces throughout the facilities where residents can enjoy peace and quiet.

If it’s time to start looking for an aged care home for your loved one, we can help! HillView Care provides quality residential aged care on the Gold Coast, but don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself.

BOOK A TOUR or alternatively, request a callback and one of our friendly staff will be in touch.

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