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  • March 22 2024
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5 Engaging Activities for Keeping Minds Active in Residential Aged Care

As we age,  a great deal of the focus is placed on nurturing our physical well-being, but it’s equally important to prioritise our mental and emotional health. That’s why the HillView Care team believes in fostering an environment where residents can thrive emotionally and mentally as well. 

Our lifestyle team takes its approach to diversional therapy way beyond routine care, ensuring its program of events and activities is specially designed to help our Gold Coast aged care residents thrive. 

Diversional therapy in aged care homes

Diversional therapy is a person-centred approach that aims to enhance the quality of life for aged care residents through meaningful and engaging activities. It acknowledges the unique needs and interests of each resident, providing tailored activities that promote engagement, social interaction, and overall well-being.

HillView Care’s lifestyle team takes care of the diversional therapy at both our Merrimac and Ashmore aged care homes. The team has a range of skills and qualities that help them work closely with residents to provide a personalised approach that ensures they are not just providing enriching and entertaining activities, but they have underlying benefits for the resident’s mental well-being. 

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Some of the activities we provide at HillView Care to help our resident’s minds thrive include: 

Art and craft: Age is no limit when it comes to creativity, and our mindful art sessions provide residents with an expressive outlet. Led by our experienced lifestyle team, residents can explore various forms of art and craft, from painting to knitting and colouring. These sessions encourage self-expression, enhance cognitive skills and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Board games and card games: Board games and card games aren’t just a way to pass the time, they enhance the memory of our residents and sharpen cognitive abilities, a playful yet effective approach to memory retention. Whether it’s classic board games, bingo, wordle, trivia, or card games, residents engage in friendly competitions that stimulate mental agility, boost memory recall, and provide an enjoyable social experience

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Social events and gatherings: Whether it’s building connections over a cup of tea at our regular morning teas, enjoying delicious food at our regular BBQs or getting out and about in the community, HillView Care’s range of social events and gatherings enable residents to have a chat in a relaxed setting to engage in casual conversations. 

These chit-chat sessions offer the perfect opportunity for socialising, sharing stories, and building friendships. The warm and inviting atmosphere enhances the sense of community, promoting a positive social environment for residents. They not only cater to cognitive stimulation but also prioritise the importance of social interactions, reducing isolation to foster a supportive community where residents can thrive holistically.

Hands-on learning opportunities: At HillView Care, residents have the opportunity to build new skills in various activities at both our Merrimac and Ashmore homes. From cooking to gardening and painting, HillView Care residents can engage in interactive activities that not only stimulate their minds but also provide a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. These workshops foster creativity, boost self-esteem, and help keep resident’s minds engaged and thriving. 

Mindfulness and relaxation: At HillView Care, we believe in fostering a community where mindfulness activities contribute to the thriving mental well-being of our residents. Our lifestyle team places a strong emphasis on mindfulness throughout the range of activities they facilitate. Residents benefit from a variety of engaging activities such as pet therapy, meditation, massages, garden walks, and much more. 

Pet therapy provides emotional connection and reduces stress, while meditation and relaxation sessions offer moments of peace and mental clarity for residents. Soothing massages can help to address both physical and mental tension while walks in our beautiful gardens can help to promote mindfulness and reflection. 

The HillView Care difference

At HillView Care, our lifestyle team is all about giving residents more than just regular care – it’s about making their days rich and fulfilling and helping their minds thrive. We bring innovation to therapy with our diversional therapy practices, creating an environment where residents can enjoy a holistic and exceptional lifestyle. It’s not just about therapy; it’s a journey filled with enrichment, connection, and celebration for everyone at HillView Care.

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