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  • March 15 2024

5 ways to support loved ones moving into residential aged care

Moving into residential aged care is a big life change for both your loved one and family and friends. While this transition can bring many opportunities and new experiences, it can also be a challenging adjustment for everyone involved. 

At HillView Care, we believe it’s crucial to understand the emotional and physical implications of this change and give your loved one all the love and support they need to overcome any obstacles they face. Here are five ways to help them navigate this transition. 

Keep open communication

Open communication is the foundation of any successful relationship and in a significant life change like this, it’s especially important. Be open to discussing their feelings, expectations and concerns regarding the move into residential aged care. 

As someone close to them, it’s important to encourage them to express their thoughts and listen without negativity. Being a good listener will help them feel understood and less isolated during the transition into aged care living. 

Help them personalise their space

Accommodation options at HillView Care Merrimac and Ashmore allow your loved ones to personalise their space to make them feel more at home. We encourage new residents to bring special items like photos or ornaments that serve as a unique reminder of their lives and identity. 

Encourage participation in social activities

Encouraging your loved one to participate in social activities promotes connection and will help your loved one combat loneliness and make new friends. At HillView Care, we have a huge range of activities and events that appeal to a wide range of interests. Whether it’s group outings, game nights, or arts and crafts, these activities contribute to a sense of community and purpose. 

Visit regularly

Regular visits are especially important in the early stages of the transition. Familiar faces can provide emotional reassurance and spending quality time together helps strengthen your bond and allows you to witness their day-to-day life. 

Be mindful of their emotional state during visits, and if there are any challenges or concerns, address them collaboratively with HillView Care staff. Balancing regular visits with their need for independence is key to establishing a supportive routine.

Stay involved in care decisions

Maintaining involvement in your loved one’s care decisions reinforces their independence and ensures their preferences are respected. By regularly communicating with the HillView Care staff about their healthcare needs, preferences, and any adjustments required your loved one will see that you are an active advocate for their well-being and health. 

Premium Gold Coast residential aged care

Transitioning to residential aged care requires patience, understanding, and proactive involvement. By prioritising open communication, personalisation, engagement, regular visits, and active involvement in care decisions, you can help your loved ones navigate this significant life change with a sense of comfort, security, and well-being.

If you’d like more advice, please contact the HillView Care team online or at 07 5559 3222. 

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