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  • February 08 2022

5 questions to ask when choosing an aged care home

If you’re searching for a residential aged care home for yourself, or a loved one, you’ll agree it’s not an easy task. 

On the Gold Coast there are many aged care homes, all offering varying levels of care and types of facilities. When searching for a home you need to do your research to determine if it meets your needs. Then, you’ll need to visit each home so you can get a feel for what it would be like to live there.

When you take a tour of an aged care home you need to be prepared with questions to help you decide if it’s the right home for you (or your loved one). 

In preparation, here’s a list of the top 5 questions we think you should ask when choosing an aged care home. 

  • What services are covered under your basic daily fee? 

Every resident at an aged care home needs to pay a basic daily government fee. This fee covers the cost of basic daily services such as meals, laundry, heating and cooling, cleaning and management of facilities. 

At HillView Care our basic fee covers daily services including meals, cleaning, laundry and facility management. 

  • What types of accommodation are available? 

What accommodation is available is a determining factor when choosing an aged care home. To help you feel at home, it’s important the room is comfortable and has everything you need. 

You’ll need to consider the room size and layout, if you can personalise the room and if pets are allowed.  

At HillView Care we have a variety of rooms available, including: 

HillView Care Ashmore

  • Single room.
  • Single deluxe suite.
  • Couples deluxe suite.
  • Respite room. 

HillView Care Merrimac

  • Single room. 
  • Single room – secure memory care unit. 
  • Single studio. 
  • Couples studio.
  • Single deluxe suite.
  • Couples deluxe suite.
  • Respite room. 

If you’d like to see the rooms in person, you can book a tour.

  • What recreational and social activities are available?

Diversional therapists are responsible for organising recreational and social activities for aged care residents. These activities can be held onsite or they can include trips into the community. 

What daily activities are on offer may be a determining factor when choosing an aged care home. If you, or your loved one, loves to stay social, a thriving social scene might be just what you need to stay connected and engaged. 

HillView Care’s diversional therapists are always busy planning and hosting a variety of activities. Some regular activities at HillView Care include:

  • bingo 
  • bocce
  • poetry 
  • arts & crafts
  • social morning teas
  • BBQ nights
  • ice-cream extravaganzas
  • exercise 
  • music
  • happy hours.


  • What is your staff to resident ratio? 

Entrusting your care or the care of your loved one to someone else isn’t an easy decision. You need to ensure the home you choose has everything to guarantee the highest level of care. 

Research commissioned by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation in 2018 found that elderly Australians living in nursing homes need an average of 4.3 hours of nursing and care each day. One contributing factor in the quality of care is the staff to resident ratio.

At HillView Care we are constantly assessing each individual resident’s needs to ensure they are receiving the best level of care. 

  • How does your home support residents with special medical needs?

If a resident has special medical requirements it’s essential the aged care home offers the medical care they need.

You may need to ask the home how they support patients with dementia, or how many registered nurses are onsite to look after patients with medical issues. 

At HillView Care our team includes caring individuals who are committed to the highest level of care for residents. Their main focus is care that meets everyone’s individual’s needs and gaining an understanding of resident’s lives and challenges. 

Dementia care

Our employees are highly trained in dementia care and form strong bonds with residents who have dementia to help them in the best possible way. They are also aware of how challenging this time is and help families understand dementia so they can enjoy quality time with their loved ones. 

Learn more about HillView Care

If you’d like more information about HillView Care you can book a tour. Alternatively, you can request a callback with the HillView Care team at a time which suits you so we can have a chat.

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