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  • February 15 2022
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The top 5 things to look for in an aged care home

Choosing an aged care home is a serious (and sometimes seriously stressful) decision. There are so many factors to consider and finding somewhere that meets your individual needs and a place where you or your loved one feels at home can take time. Unfortunately, time may not be a luxury you have.

Transitioning into an aged care home is often spurred on by a medical emergency or accident and you need to make a very important decision in a short amount of time.

Here are a few important things to look for when choosing an aged care home:


The location is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an aged care home. Visits from family and friends can help boost a resident’s emotional health and wellbeing, so it’s essential to consider the convenience of the location for visiting family and friends. An aged care home situated a couple of hours away may seem fine now, but if a resident’s health deteriorates and loved ones want to make more frequent visits, the distance may become a problem.

Type of care available

There are different types of aged care depending on your individual needs and level of care. Consider what type of care you or your loved one requires before making a decision.

There are 4 main types of aged care. These include:


Residential care is for those who can no longer live independently, with 24 hour on-site nursing care, accompanied by all the comforts of home.  Continue to live the life you want and choose how you run your day. Medication and aged care services are provided in the privacy of your own room.


Dementia carers are carefully selected and highly qualified to provide care to individuals with dementia. They take a personal approach to care and focus on what is best for each person, with an understanding of each resident’s life experiences and interests. Dementia care is designed to make all residents feel at home and safe, with 24 hour on-site nursing care.


We understand how emotionally challenging it can be looking after ageing loved ones. Respite care gives carers a short break, with the peace of mind that your loved one will receive the best care possible. Respite care is also suitable post hospital, helping out before you or your loved one returns home. Respite residents have access to all the benefits of permanent residents during their stay.


In palliative care residents can choose how they are cared for, just as if they were living in their own home.

Because every resident’s needs are different, especially when facing a life-threatening illness, special attention is given to protect palliative care residents’ dignity and independence to ensure they get the emotional and physical care and support they need during this difficult time.


Another important factor to consider when choosing an aged care home is the facilities.

Are the rooms comfortable? Is there a view? What types of rooms are available and do they suit the needs of you or your loved one? These are all questions to ask when researching aged care home options. After you look at the rooms, take a walk around the common areas. Do these areas feel welcoming? Are there spaces where residents can relax and enjoy time in nature or by themselves?

Lifestyle and dining

Moving into an aged care residence doesn’t mean you or your family member has to lose social connections! Many aged care homes offer an extensive range of lifestyle activities, it’s just a matter of finding the right one that suits. Some aged care residents have a better social life than people half their age, with bus trips, happy hours, BBQ nights and special events. Whether you or your loved one prefers time alone, or to get out and about in the community, it’s great to check what diversional therapy the aged care home provides.

Another vital factor to consider is dining options. Are the meals served in a communal dining area or delivered to rooms? How are the meals prepared? Some homes serve all meals in the dining room, while others will deliver to your room.


When you’re entrusting you or your loved one’s care to an aged care home you need to be comfortable with the people providing this care. Careers play a huge role in maintaining the physical and emotional wellbeing of residents and often form valuable relationships together. First impressions count when it comes to staff, so ensure you feel comfortable with the carers at the home you are considering. Also enquire about the staff to resident ratio and the qualifications of the carers at the facility.

The qualifications and quality of care is paramount when choosing an aged care home. You or your loved one needs to feel at home and an important part of this is how you bond with the staff. At HillView Premium Aged Care we work hard to tick all the boxes and take our job as carers very seriously.

We believe we provide the highest quality care to our Gold Coast aged care residents.

Take a look at HillView! 

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