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  • August 11 2023
  • Residential Aged Care

5 tips to help your loved one settle into aged care

If your loved one is finding it more challenging to live independently, it might be time to consider residential aged care. While this decision can be emotionally difficult for you and your loved one, with the right support and guidance, it can be a smooth and comfortable transition. 

From our experience here at HillView Care, here are 5 tips to help your loved ones settle into aged care living. 

Open communication

From the moment you and your loved one start to discuss the option of residential aged care, open and honest communication is essential. Once they have moved in, this needs to continue. 

It’s important that your loved one feels heard and that their needs and wants are addressed. You should always encourage your loved ones to be honest about how they feel to help you address any issues that may arise during this transition, and beyond. 

Maintaining open communication can help to alleviate any fears or worries that your loved one has and ensure any concerns they have are addressed. Ensuring they have a voice will help them feel more in control of their situation and their choices. 

Personalise their room

We know it’s not easy to leave familiar surroundings and start afresh in a residential aged care home, that’s why at HillView Care we always recommend new residents bring along their cherished possessions to help them feel more comfortable in their new space. 

Photographs, mementos and other familiar items add a personal touch to their room and will provide a sense of familiarity. It’s so important they maintain their identity and these personal items will help them settle into their new home. 

Encourage them to get involved in social activities and events

The HillView Care lifestyle team organises various social activities and events throughout the week. It’s an incredible way for new residents to meet people, foster new relationships and build a sense of belonging in their new environment. 

If your loved one is a little hesitant to get involved, share a little encouragement and help them see the benefits of joining group outings, social events and interest-based activities. At HillView Care, there are so many different activities on offer, they’re sure to find something they will enjoy. 

Here’s a sample of the wide range of activities offered at our HillView Care homes. 

Nurturing relationships with carers

Another way to help your loved ones settle into aged care is to nurture the relationships between them and their carers. Take the time to ensure both you and your loved one, and other family members, are familiar with the staff at the aged care home. Building relationships with the care staff brings reassurance and facilitates collaboration in ensuring the well-being of your loved one.

Keep regular contact

The last thing you want is for your loved one to feel like now they are living in a residential aged care home they don’t get any visitors. It can leave them feeling lonely and isolated. It’s critical to maintain regular contact with your loved one and ensure they are receiving contact and visits from family and friends. 

It’s important to continue to involve them in family events and special occasions to create a sense of continuity and inclusiveness. At HillView Care, we have a variety of wonderful function rooms which are great for family events or get-togethers. 

Some other ways you can help your loved ones settle into their residential aged care home include: 

  • Help familiarise them with the facility by taking time to show them around. 
  • Encourage them to establish routines and keep track of what is happening in the care home regularly. 
  • Empower them to make decisions for themselves. 
  • Provide emotional support and be an active listener. 

If your loved one is making the move into a Gold Coast aged care home like HillView Care, you can help them settle into their new living arrangements and make the transition a positive experience. 

Practise open communication, helping them personalise their space with familiar items, encouraging them to get involved in social activities, nurturing relationships with their carers and ensuring their family and friends stay in regular contact. 

The staff at HillView Care are dedicated to ensuring your loved ones feel right at home at our Ashmore and Merrimac aged care homes. Want to know more about HillView Care? You and your loved one can book a tour and see HillView Care in person and we’ll show you around our beautiful facilities. 

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