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  • May 17 2022
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Aged care for couples

When you have lived as a couple for years it can be difficult and stressful contemplating moving into a residential aged care home. Couples become settled in the way they live and a big change like this can be confronting.

Some couples choose to separate, with one person staying in the family home, while others choose to move into aged care together.

Benefits of moving into aged care as a couple

When couples move in together they can experience a range of health benefits, including reduced stress, less chance of suffering depression and having a better quality life.

Couples accommodation at HillView Care

Leaving the comforts of home can be an emotional experience, but you can make it easier by choosing the right home. At HillView Care we cater for couples and have rooms specially designed for two people.

Our couple deluxe suites and couple studios have all the comforts of home and more, including a private ensuite and individually controlled air conditioning.

Elderly Couple Nursing Home

How to choose a residential aged care home for a couple

If you’re looking for an aged care home for a couple, there are a few things you need to know so you can make the right decision.

What type of accommodation is available?

As a couple it’s essential to move into a home where there is enough space to live comfortably. Room sizes vary across residential aged care homes, so it’s important to find  somewhere with enough room for both individuals.

If you’d like to see the rooms at HillView Care in person, you can book a tour.

What services does the basic daily fee cover?

Every resident at an aged care home needs to pay a basic daily government fee. This fee covers the cost of basic daily services such as meals, laundry, heating and cooling, cleaning and management of facilities.

At HillView Care our basic fee covers daily services including meals, cleaning, laundry and facility management.

How will the home support medical needs?

It’s important to find out how the home will support your loved ones’ medical needs if they need special medical care. This could include how the aged care home supports residents with dementia, or how many registered work onsite to care for residents’ health needs.

At HillView Care our primary focus is on providing care that is personalised to each individual to ensure we understand their needs and build strong bonds with our residents.

Does the home offer recreational activities to stay social?

These days aged care residents can choose to be as socially active as they like. At HillView Care our wonderful diversional therapists organise a range of events such as concerts, wildlife shows, high teas and even visits from the doggies at dog therapy.

Couples can enjoy happy hour, exercise classes and a huge variety of other activities to socialise.

Find out more

If you’d like to discuss your loved ones’ needs and find out more about what HillView Care has to offer, contact us today.

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