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  • April 28 2023
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How to stay connected when your spouse moves into aged care

As we grow older, our needs change, and so do the needs of our spouses. Your partner may need more care than you can provide, and they may have to make the difficult decision to move into aged care so they can get the support they need. 

Although you may be finding it difficult to care for your spouse, deciding for them to move into a residential aged care home can be emotionally challenging, as it involves separating from the person you love. 

We know this can be heartbreaking for many people, but it is essential for your partner to receive the care they need. 

To help you stay more connected and maintain the relationship you treasure, here are a few tips on staying connected when your spouse moves into aged care. 

Visit regularly

Of course, if your spouse moves into an aged care home you’ll make it a priority to visit regularly. It may help to set regular visiting times so you and your spouse have something to look forward to. It can give them, and you, a sense of comfort knowing you’ll be visiting on that particular day. 

Send emails/text messages/video calls

Sending emails and text messages is a convenient way to maintain communication and keep your connection alive even when you’re apart. You can share news and photos and see each other at any time of the day or night.

Share gifts

When you visit your partner, take a small gift to show them you care. Whether it’s food they love, a book they’ve wanted to read, or some artwork from a grandchild, it’s a beautiful way to express your love and show them they are important to you. 

Get to know the staff

Getting to know the staff looking after your partner can be comforting. Meeting the staff and making friends with other residents in the residential aged care home can help you feel more connected to your spouse and their life.

Help them feel at home

Bringing a few personal items, such as photos and special keepsakes, can help your partner feel more at ease in their new environment. It also ignites memories you have shared together to help you feel more connected to each other. 

Celebrate special occasions

Continuing to mark significant events such as birthdays and anniversaries is essential. You can celebrate these days together with gifts, decorations and cake to show your spouse that the occasion remains special to you. 

Ask for support

We know it’s not easy to separate from the person you love, and it can be extremely challenging. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support from family and friends and share your feelings about the separation. 

Staying connected with your spouse after they move into residential aged care requires perseverance, but with regular visits and contact it’s possible to maintain your relationship and keep your connection with your partner. Remember, you’re both benefiting from the love and support you share.

If you’re looking for a trusted aged care provider who will help you to continue your relationship with your spouse, consider HillView Care. Our residential aged care homes at Merrimac and Ashmore are warm and welcoming, with trained professionals who understand your challenges. Learn more about our services online or book a tour to take a look around our facilities.

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