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  • February 01 2023
  • Residential Aged Care

Don’t wait for an emergency to plan for aged care living

Often the choice to move a loved one into aged care is spurred on by an emergency situation, accident or hospitalisation due to illness. For this reason it can be a stressful and rushed decision made under a lot of pressure. 

Planning ahead for aged care can help eliminate some of this stress and ensure you and your loved ones are better prepared. Here are a 5 ways you can plan for aged care:

Talk with your loved ones

Naturally, the first step in planning for residential aged care is to speak with your loved ones and have an open conversation about their future. Moving into residential aged care on the Gold Coast is a big decision and you need to talk about what your loved one wants and needs as you plan for the next few years. 

Decide who needs to be involved, your loved one may prefer to discuss their options with a chosen couple of close relatives or friends rather than the whole family. It’s important your loved one is a part of the decision making process and has a say on what they want for their future. 

If your loved one has an illness or disease, you may also need to involve their doctor so you can discuss what level of care they may need as their condition progresses. 

Research homes

Another way to prepare your loved one for the eventual move into residential aged care is to start researching homes. You’ll need to decide your criteria, including the location, what facilities you would like and what level of care is required. 

You’ll need to consider: 

  • What accommodation options are available. 
  • What types of care are available.
  • How the daily meals are prepared.
  • Does the home provide diversional therapy? 

Once you decide on a shortlist you can start visiting homes and see how they feel in person. Residential homes on the Gold Coast will allow you to book a tour and take a look around the facilities in your own time. 

HillView Care residential aged care homes are located in Merrimac and Ashmore and it’s easy to book a tour to check out our facilities and meet our friendly staff. We’ll show you our well-appointed rooms and take you for a stroll through our beautiful gardens. 

Learn about care fee structures

If you aren’t familiar with residential aged care, then you’re probably not aware of the different fee structures that can be applicable. How much residential aged care costs will depend on the home, what’s included in the daily fees and the facilities available. 

Generally, aged care fees are broken down into: 

  • Daily fees (for laundry, meals etc).
  • Accommodation fees.
  • Means-tested fee (for healthcare).

The fees you pay may also be determined by your assets and income. Speaking with a financial advisor who specialises in aged care may be helpful, or estimate the fees you will have to pay through the My Aged Care Residential Fee Estimator

Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) will allow your loved one to appoint someone to step in if you lose legal capacity and can no longer make decisions for yourself. The person/s you appoint will be able to make significant decisions regarding your finances, lifestyle or medical decisions. 

A Power of Attorney must be appointed by someone of sound mind and the forms can be completed through the State Trustees

ACAT assessment

Once your loved one is ready to move into residential aged care you’ll need to check if they are eligible for subsidised aged care. It’s a two-part process and will help determine the level of care they need. The first part of the ACAT assessment can be done online, or over the phone, then a face-to-face meeting will be conducted with the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). 

Planning for life at HillView Care

At HillView Care we’re a premium aged care home that prides ourselves on the beautiful environment we have created for all our residents. With beautifully appointed accommodation options, home-cooked chef prepared meals, 24/7 medical care and a wide range of social activities, life at HillView Care is everything you’ve ever wanted. 

To find out more about HillView Care and what life will be like at our Merrimac or Ashmore homes, contact our friendly team online today. 

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