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  • June 30 2022
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Gene Rosser returns to the Botanical Gardens

On a recent trip to the Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens, HillView Care Ashmore resident Gene Rosser recalled her connection to the well-known park, then known as Rosser Park.

Gene grew up in her family home, overlooking what has now become the Botanical Gardens. In 1969, Gene’s parents, John and Essie Rosser, local honey producers, donated over 2 hectares of land to the Council, with the specific purpose of becoming a park to be enjoyed by all.

The park took a further 34 years to become established as the park as we know it today, after many years of planning, and some $12 million in development.

The gardens now host a large variety of edible plants, accessible to children and adults, in addition to a sensory garden which was established in 2006 by a partnership between Rotary International and Council. The sensory garden, with over 3400 plants, was created for people with disabilities in mind, enabling them to explore the five senses. Finally, in the same year, a rose garden and a mangrove-to-mountains section were completed.

Returning to her family home, Gene was greeted by current Botanical Garden gardeners Sandy and Tim, who worked the land when it was still a part of the Rosser home.

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