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  • March 08 2024
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Life, love and independence: International Women’s Day 2024

Today is International Women’s Day, celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. In honour of this special day, we chatted with three remarkable women living at HillView Care. Jean (85), Barbara (87) and Noela (80), with their wealth of experiences and wisdom, graciously shared their stories, advice, and reflections on life, love and independence.

How do you think the role of women has changed during your lifetime?

Jean: Life seems harder for women nowadays, with more expected of them. I began my career as a nurse at age 14 and was married and had my firstborn at 19 years old. Whilst I had 3 sons, I continued to work (nights), my husband minding the boys whilst I worked. I was always very independent.

Barbara: The war changed women’s lives completely and because of that it flowed to more independence and choices and careers for them all.

Noela: Women are no longer expected to stay home to look after children and husbands, they’re now encouraged to take all opportunities on offer.

Is there a woman in your life who has inspired you?

Jean: I had some fantastic role models. One that stands out is a Dutch nurse who really took me under her wing when I was a cadet, mentoring me and inspiring me to become the nurse that I was.

Barbara: My Grandmother and mother, watching them change from just housewives to stepping up as all the men went to war.

Noela: My Nursing Supervisor in administration was very approachable and an amazing influence on my life.

What advice would you give to younger women based on your life experiences?

Jean: Get a job, and do well at it! I believe I was too young to get married and have children, and whilst I have loved my life and my family, I would have liked to explore my career aspirations for a little longer.

Barbara: Respect yourself and make men wait before going to bed with you.

Noela: Go live life and never hold back on education and travel, family will come later.

Jean "Get a job, and do well at it!"
Noela "Go live life and never hold back".
Barbara "Respect yourself".

Celebrating women’s achievements for International Women’s Day 2024

As we celebrate women’s achievements all over the world, we’re grateful to hear from these three wonderful HillView Care residents. Their stories inspire us, recognising the strength and wisdom they’ve shared. Thanks to Jean, Barbara, and Noela for adding their voices to the celebration!

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