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  • November 08 2023

Giddy up for a day of Country & Western fun at HillView Care

The team at Hillview Care isn’t afraid to admit that many of our residents have more fun than people half their age! Our lifestyle team know how to organise memorable and engaging events and activities and they don’t hold back when it comes to entertaining our residents. 

Just recently, our dedicated lifestyle teams at our Merrimac and Ashmore residential aged care homes organised an extraordinary Country Western dinner & show event that left everyone talking for days. 

The spirit of the Wild West came alive, with everyone donning their cowboy hats. Our residents enjoyed some classic toe-tapping country tunes and tasty Country & Western cuisine. Our wonderful staff got into the spirit of the day, dressing up in their cowboy boots and country attire. 

Gina Mitchell & The Cowboy sang a variety of popular country and western songs in the garden, while residents watched on and dined on tasty Western-style foods. Residents at our Merrimac home had a lovely view from the balcony!

There was dancing, singing along to Kenny Rogers ‘The Gambler’ and a wonderful time spent sharing moments with friends within the HillView Care community. This event was a great example of how our lifestyle team strives to create enriching experiences for our residents to keep them actively engaged. 

Events such as this help to build strong bonds between residents and between residents and our staff who work hard to make these moments of joy possible.  We’re committed to cultivating an environment of fun, laughter and connection where our residents can be themselves and express their individuality. 

Incorporating diversional therapy into a care plan can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals, especially in aged care facilities. Some of the benefits of diversional therapy include: 

Improved emotional well-being: The events and activities our lifestyle team organise help residents to express their emotions, reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression, and helping to boost overall emotional well-being. 

Cognitive stimulation: Diversional therapy activities such as memory games or creative tasks can help maintain mental sharpness and delay cognitive decline. 

Social connection: By partaking in group activities and events residents can reduce feelings of social isolation. By building connections with other residents and staff members, residents foster a sense of belonging and connection. 

Improved physical well-being: Many of the events and activities we host at HillView Care involve physical movement and exercise (such as dancing at our Country event) – contributing to better physical health by improving mobility, balance and overall fitness. 

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Upcoming events

The fun doesn’t end here! We have a variety of activities coming up to keep our residents entertained! Some fun events coming up include a high tea, Oktoberfest, our November Melbourne Cup celebration and our Christmas market.

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