my aged care explained
  • January 12 2024
  • Residential Aged Care

My Aged Care explained

The world of aged care can be unfamiliar and overwhelming for many people, but as your loved ones reach the later years of life, there are important decisions to be made about aged care.

In Australia, the aged care landscape has evolved, with an aim of empowering seniors (and their families) to make informed choices about their well-being. One critical resource when navigating this journey is the My Aged Care platform, a government initiative designed to streamline and simplify access to aged care services. 

The HillView Care team is experienced in the ins and outs of My Aged Care, let’s explore how it can help you get the support and clarity you and your loved ones need. 

Understanding My Aged Care

Basically, My Aged Care is a hub of information that gives you access to a range of aged care services and support. It outlines the options available for seniors and shares a huge amount of information on a range of topics, including in-home care, residential aged care, respite care and other support services. 

At HillView Care, we understand that every resident has unique needs and my Aged Care has the same philosophy. My Aged Care creates personalised care plans, guided by an assessment process. The platform will tailor care to an individual’s needs, encouraging independence and autonomy where possible and ensuring seniors get the care they need.

My Aged Care is a useful tool that shares information and services to empower seniors to maintain control over their lives and make choices that align with their values. It aims to enhance the quality of life for seniors in Australia. 

Who is eligible to access My Aged Care

My Aged Care is designed for individuals aged 65 and above (or Indigenous Australians aged 50 and older) who require additional assistance to maintain a high quality of life.

The eligibility criteria include: 

  • Have recently encountered a fall, experienced reduced mobility, or undergone changes in your memory capacity.
  • Have received a medical diagnosis requiring additional support.
  • Have witnessed alterations in your current care arrangements.

Depending on your eligibility, the government may partially or fully fund your specific needs. To determine your eligibility, you can conveniently assess it on the My Aged Care website.

My Aged Care – The first step

The search for aged care home options can be accompanied by a range of emotions, so we understand you’ve got a lot on your mind. My Aged Care is all about simplifying your journey, with an easy step-by-step approach to get the information/services your loved one needs.  

If you’re looking for residential aged care for your loved one, the first step is an aged care assessment. The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will evaluate your loved one’s overall condition and determine what services will suit them best. You can apply for an aged care assessment online, it will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

The ACAT assessment is conducted in a familiar setting like your loved one’s home or hospital, with the option for a support person or interpreter if needed. It’s advised to have medical records, GP details, information about existing care, and any questions ready.

During the assessment, the team will discuss medical history and evaluate physical function through simple tests, focusing on independence and mobility. They will inquire about health concerns, existing support, self-care management, and daily tasks to tailor their advice on the appropriate level of care for your loved one.

Read more about the ACAT process and find out how it works

How long does this process take? 

Once you decide that your loved one needs to move into a residential aged care home, we recommend starting the process as soon as possible. Once the aged care assessment form has been submitted, if you’re eligible, you will meet with a team member in about two to six weeks for a face-to-face ACAT assessment. 

My loved one is eligible, what’s next? 

Once your loved one receives a letter to confirm eligibility for a government-subsidised aged care home, you’ll need to contact the aged care home that best suits your loved one’s needs. 

You can arrange a visit to one of HillView Care facilities at Ashmore or Merrimac and we’ll show you around and answer any questions you may have regarding accommodation, fees etc. 

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