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  • January 05 2024
  • Residential Aged Care

The benefits of volunteering in aged care

Volunteering in aged care holds many benefits, both for residents and for you as a volunteer. At HillView Care, we recognise the invaluable contribution of volunteers who generously invest their time, knowledge, and companionship in enhancing the lives of our residents. 

The interactions between residents and volunteers foster connections that bring joy and fulfilment. As a volunteer at HillView Care, individuals not only have the chance to make a positive impact but also embark on a fulfilling journey that extends far beyond the boundaries of routine care. 

Some of the benefits of volunteering in aged care include: 

See the world from a different perspective: 

Volunteering in aged care provides an opportunity to experience life from someone else’s perspective, offering a brief but enlightening journey into their world. Amidst the routine of daily life, volunteering serves as a means to broaden your horizons, introduce variety into your routines, and cultivate a fresh outlook on life.

Fosters a strong sense of community and creates friendships: 

Volunteers in residential aged care are important for building companionship and connection among residents and they create a warm and supportive environment where seniors can form meaningful relationships with a sense of community.  

Residents in aged care facilities come from diverse backgrounds, and have different life experiences, and personalities. If you’re a volunteer at one of our Gold Coast residential aged care homes, you’ll get to connect with our residents, hear their stories, share your own and help them relive cherished memories from their past. Many of our volunteers say listening to resident’s stories is a highlight of their volunteering journey.

The shared experience of volunteering in aged care also allows you to build friendships within the network of volunteers who dedicate their time to residents at HillView Care. 

Valuable learning opportunities and a chance to share your skills: 

Through volunteering in aged care homes you can access valuable learning opportunities, developing skills in communication while you build bonds and gain insight into their lives. The learning is reciprocal, with both volunteers and residents benefiting from these relationships. 

You’ll build a diverse set of skills, which may include first aid, IT proficiency, and patient care, as well as invaluable “soft” skills like working under pressure, effective time management, leadership, problem-solving, and collaborating in group environments.

A sense of fulfilment: 

By volunteering, you can develop a profound sense of fulfilment, watching your efforts directly contribute to the happiness of our residents. Our residents love chatting with our volunteers, and building strong relationships with each other. 

Volunteering at HillView Care

Volunteering is a life-changing experience and enriches the lives of you as a volunteer as well as our residents. By continuing to encourage the contributions of volunteers, we can ensure our Gold Coast residential aged care homes continue to provide holistic care, nurturing the well-being and vitality of our diverse community. 

If you’re considering volunteering at our Gold Coast aged care homes, HillView Care Merrimac or Ashmore, contact us today!

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