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  • February 23 2024
  • Residential Aged Care

Recognising the signs: Is your loved one ready for aged care living? 

As your loved one gets older it’s natural to start considering what kind of care and support they need. While we understand it’s not always an easy decision, it’s essential for maintaining their health and well-being. But how do you know when they are ready? 

Other than your loved one deciding on their own, there are a few indications they are ready to make the move into residential aged care.

Increased difficulty with daily activities

This is probably the biggest sign your loved one may be ready to move into residential aged care. If they struggle to do daily tasks such as dressing, bathing or preparing meals, and home care isn’t enough, this could be an indication they need further assistance. 

Aged care facilities like HillView Care are equipped to provide support with these activities, promoting a safer and more comfortable daily living experience.

A decline in physical health

Persistent health issues, frequent hospitalisations, or challenges in managing chronic conditions could suggest that your loved one requires more specialised care than you can provide in their home. HillView Care has trained staff and medical support to address various health needs, ensuring that residents receive professional and individualised attention and care.

Unexplained weight loss

Sudden or unexplained weight loss can be indicative of various health issues, including difficulty managing nutrition or underlying medical conditions. Here at HillView Care, our onsite chefs prepare nutritious, dietitian-approved meals to help address these concerns and ensure residents maintain a healthy weight.

Difficulty managing medications

Older adults often have complex medication schedules, and managing them correctly is especially important for their health. If your loved one struggles with administering their medication, an aged care setting with professional assistance can ensure medications are administered accurately and consistently. At HillView Care, all medication is administered in the comfort and privacy of resident’s rooms. 

Worsening mobility and falls

If your loved one has been experiencing frequent falls or a noticeable decline in mobility, it may be time to explore aged care living. Our aged care homes in Ashmore and Merrimac are designed with safety features and trained staff to prevent accidents and provide assistance, reducing the risk of injuries.

Social isolation or loneliness

Many seniors face isolation and loneliness, especially if they live alone or have limited social interactions. Aged care living provides a community environment where residents can engage in social activities, fostering companionship and emotional well-being.

Memory loss and cognitive decline

If your loved one is experiencing memory loss or cognitive decline, it might be time to consider a setting with dedicated memory care support such as our dementia care. We are specially equipped to provide compassionate care to residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, providing a secure and supportive environment.

Caregiver burnout

For family members serving as primary caregivers, burnout can become a big concern. If the responsibilities of caregiving become overwhelming, and respite care isn’t enough, residential aged care can ensure that your loved one receives continuous care from professional staff while allowing family members to maintain an ongoing role in their lives.

Book a tour at HillView Care

We know it’s not an easy decision but the HillView Care team is here to support you every step of the way. We encourage all potential residents to book a tour to get familiar with our Gold Coast residential aged care homes and experience first-hand the nurturing environment we have to offer. 

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