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  • February 16 2024
  • Respite Care

The road to recovery: Respite care at HillView Care

After spending time in hospital, it’s crucial that your loved one gets the support and care they need. At HillView Care, we understand the challenges that come with this, which is why we offer specialised respite care – a temporary care solution that is tailored for those in need of post-hospital support. 

We place a strong emphasis on providing support during this transitional period, offering a comfortable environment where your loved one can heal not only physically, but also emotionally, surrounded by a team of aged care professionals who are committed to their well-being. 

About respite care

Respite at HillView Care is more than just a break for carers, it’s premium care for your loved one when they are recovering from a hospital stay. Our highly-qualified team provides temporary support, working to ensure a smooth transition back to their home. Our Gold Coast respite care residents receive the same care and attention as our permanent residential care residents, guaranteeing a comfortable stay. 

An emphasis on independence and personalised care

One of the great features of our Gold Coast respite care is our focus on individual choice and independence. Your loved one will be in control of their day, just like they would at home. The HillView Care team administers all medication in the privacy of their own room and goes above and beyond to respect their privacy during their stay. 

Home-cooked meals

Respite residents at HillView Care get to enjoy a diverse menu of delicious home-cooked meals prepared by our onsite chefs. Good nutrition is key when recovering from a hospital stay and our meals are dietitian-approved to support overall well-being and health. 

Engaging activities and events

If they are up for it, respite residents can enhance their stay at HillView Care by participating in a range of engaging activities and events. Your loved one is invited to join in a wide array of events, outings and daily activities. From social gatherings to cultural outings, there’s always something to keep residents engaged and entertained. 

A welcoming space for visitors

During recovery, your loved one needs all the support they can get from friends and family. That’s why we welcome visitors and provide a wide range of beautiful spaces where they can entertain guests. From our beautiful gardens to purpose-built function spaces, there’s ample room to connect and spend time with the ones they love.  

Gold Coast respite care

Choosing respite care at HillView Care is not just about taking a break; it’s about ensuring the best possible care and support during the recovery process. Our commitment to personalised care, independence, delicious meals, engaging activities, and welcoming spaces makes respite living at HillView Care a comforting and enriching experience.

To learn more, call HillView Care on 07 5559 3222 or request a callback and we’ll be in touch. 

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