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  • May 27 2024
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Why work in aged care?

A job in aged care at HillView Care isn’t just a job; it’s a purpose. It’s an enriching journey that’s full of compassion and community spirit. And this is how we approach the HillView Care workplace. 

A career in aged care is special, made even more extraordinary when you work in a home such as HillView Care. We go beyond the traditional, fostering an exceptional environment where you are valued for the work you do.

Staff events at HillView Care

At HillView, we celebrate various staff events to recognise how we value the HillView Care team. Here are some of our yearly staff events: 

  • On Valentine’s Day, colleagues exchange notes in a decorated staff room with themed food. International Nurses Day is celebrated with treats such as pizza and doughnuts.
  • The Memory Walk and Jog where staff wear HillView gear and enjoy a BBQ breakfast after participating in the charity event. 
  • Aged Care Employee Day on August 7th is a themed dress-up day with a decorated staff room and special treats. 
  • Carers Week midOctober includes food trucks, music, and a photo booth. 
  • Diwali on October 31st involves sharing Indian-style food in a decorated staff room.

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What are the benefits of working in aged care? 

There are many benefits to working in aged care, including: 

You can make a meaningful Impact: Aged care professionals have the opportunity to make a significant and positive impact on the lives of elderly residents. Providing care, companionship, and support contributes to the well-being and happiness of every individual.

Job satisfaction: Improving the quality of life for residents and knowing that your work directly enhances their daily experiences can lead to a high level of job satisfaction.

Diverse career opportunities: Aged care offers a diverse range of career paths, including roles in nursing, personal care, administration, therapy, and management. 

Professional development: At HillView Care we support ongoing professional development. Opportunities for training and upskilling are common, and allow you to stay current with industry trends and keep improving your knowledge and skills. 

Stability and job security: With the population ageing, the demand for aged care services is steadily increasing. This offers a stable job market and job security. 

Building relationships: Our team builds strong connections with residents, their families, and each other. These relationships help to foster a sense of community and enhance teamwork within our HillView Care homes. 

Flexible work options: Aged care facilities often offer flexible working hours, part-time positions, and opportunities for job-sharing. 

Learning from experience: Working with elderly residents provides a unique opportunity to learn from their life experiences, knowledge, and stories. 

Sense of purpose: When you speak with aged care professionals, they often express a strong sense of purpose in their work. It’s immensely satisfying knowing that you play a vital role in providing exceptional care and support in the resident’s later years.

There are so many benefits to working in aged care, from making a meaningful impact on residents’ lives to enjoying job satisfaction and diverse career opportunities.

At HillView Care the foundation of our success as a premier care provider is the dedication and shared vision of individuals deeply committed to the cause of compassionate care. We highly value qualities like friendship and empathy among our team members, fostering a strong team spirit that defines the culture at HillView.

See our careers page for current job opportunities at HillView Care. 

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