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  • May 19 2024
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Engage and enrich: 5 ways to help ageing minds thrive in aged care

Here at HillView Care, we’re all about keeping our residents’ minds sharp and engaged. We put a lot of emphasis on promoting mental stimulation to ensure our residents stay active and alert. We always aim to foster an environment where we go beyond routine care, helping ageing minds thrive and flourish. 

Five ways we help keep our residents active at HillView Care: 

Workshops and activities: Our lifestyle team prides itself on the diverse and engaging workshops and activities that cater to a variety of interests. From art and music sessions to stimulating cognitive games, our residents always have exciting options to keep them active both mentally and physically.

community outings aged care

Getting out and about: The HillView Care team strongly believes in the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors. Whether it’s a stroll in our beautifully landscaped gardens, bird watching, or getting on a bus and heading into the community, our residents have opportunities to connect with nature and improve their mental well-being through the beauty of nature. 

Social events: Building a strong sense of community helps to reduce feelings of isolation and improve mental well-being. Regular social events, communal dining, and group activities provide our residents with chances to interact, make friends, and stay socially active, fostering a vibrant and supportive living environment.

Story sharing: Embracing the power of memory, we offer activities that allow residents to revisit cherished memories. This helps to stimulate cognitive function and provide emotional fulfilment, ensuring our residents stay mentally active and engaged.

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Hands-on hobbies: Encouraging residents to pursue hands-on hobbies, such as crafting, painting, or gardening, adds a creative dimension to their daily lives. These activities not only engage the mind but also bring a sense of accomplishment and joy, contributing to an active and fulfilling lifestyle for our residents.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the events and activities scheduled at HillView Care Merrimac this month: 

  • Cooking
  • Puzzles and board games
  • Bingo
  • Bus outing – scenic bus drive
  • Garden walks
  • Colouring and relaxation
  • Where am I quiz
  • Poetry
  • Bus outing – North Burleigh Surf Club
  • Jenga
  • Paint and sip
  • Craft
  • Wheelchair walks

Helping residents thrive at our Gold Coast aged care homes

Our dedication to the well-being of our residents at HillView Care is evident in the holistic approach we take to foster an environment where ageing minds not only stay active but truly thrive. 

By making mental health and well-being our priority, we can offer a range of engaging activities and events that embrace the therapeutic benefits of nature, memory sharing and promote social interactions within our aged care homes. By focusing on these areas, we can enhance the overall quality of life for each resident.

The diverse range of hands-on activities and events we offer, from crafting and painting to gardening, adds a creative and personally fulfilling dimension to our residents’ daily lives. These activities not only engage the mind but also instil a sense of accomplishment and joy, ensuring that each resident’s unique interests are valued and catered to. 

At HillView Care, we understand that living an engaging and vibrant lifestyle involves much more than routine care; it requires a commitment to creating a supportive, stimulating, and socially connected environment where residents can truly flourish.

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