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  • January 27 2022
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Dementia and the power of connection

A dementia diagnosis can bring up a variety of emotions for both a person with dementia and close family and friends. You could experience fear, sadness, embarrassment, frustration, anger and a sense of loss. 

It’s a challenging time and the road ahead can be difficult, but with the right support and understanding you can overcome the challenges as they arise. You can help your loved one build valuable connections and help them through this difficult journey. 

Why are connections so important for people with dementia? 

One of the main characteristics of dementia is the degeneration of the brain. Everyone experiences dementia differently, but common symptoms include memory loss, difficulty problem solving, problems with coordination and motor functions, confusion, disorientation, difficulty communicating, struggling to find words, difficulty with tasks that require spatial awareness, planning or organising. 

Because of these symptoms, building connections with someone who has dementia can be a different experience. Depending on how far their dementia has progressed, it may be difficult to connect with them as you would with someone without dementia. 

Because of these difficulties, it’s important for people with dementia to be immersed in an environment where they can receive care and understanding, acceptance and continued engagement from the people around them. 

How can aged care residents with dementia stay connected? 

While an aged care home may be the safest place for your loved one, it doesn’t mean they have to forgo making connections with the world outside the home. There are many ways people with dementia who are living in aged care homes can stay connected. 

Frequent visits from family and friends – At HillView Homes we always encourage our dementia residents to regularly catch up with family and friends. Visits from loved ones can bring love and companionship and break the routine of their day. It also allows families to check up on residents’ health, creates a beautiful opportunity to share memories of the past, and can keep the resident socially connected with things happening outside the home.

Reviving past passions or hobbies – Getting involved in diversional therapy is a great way for people with dementia to stay connected. There are many benefits to diversional therapy. Aged care homes offer a range of engaging activities that give residents the opportunity to reconnect with their love of craft, music or art. These sessions provide a beautiful outlet for residents to get creative, relax and build social connections with other residents and staff. 

Music is known to be a beautiful way to connect with people with dementia, even evoking memories or brief moments of reconnection with loved ones. 

Developing bonds with aged care staff – If your loved one is living in residential aged care, it’s important the staff caring for them provide an engaging, person-centred environment conducive to building connections. WIth residents who have dementia it’s especially important to learn about their likes and dislikes and gain an understanding of their past life and experiences. 

Staff at aged care homes have the ability to build beautiful bonds with residents and should always offer personalised, individual care and understanding to all of their residents.

Dementia Care at HillView Premium aged care

At HillView we provide specialised dementia care to ensure your loved ones receive everything they need. It’s not enough just to provide a caring environment, it’s important to have staff who demonstrate a genuine passion for caring for others. 

Our staff are carefully selected, highly qualified and undergo regular training to ensure they are equipped to provide the highest level of care. They often form strong bonds with our residents and develop beautiful friendships. 

Our Gold Coast dementia care homes at Merrimac and Ashmore place a strong focus on what’s best for each individual. We always try to gain an understanding of each residents’ life experiences and interests to help us engage and care for them in the best possible way. 

We also understand how dementia can be a challenge for the entire family, so we are always here to assist you and help you understand what your loved one is going through.

If you’d like to chat to us about dementia care, or learn more about HillView Premium Aged Care homes, contact us online or call us (07) 5559 3222. 


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