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  • May 19 2023
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Why aged care residents are keeping more active than ever before

Aged care residents are more active than ever, and there’s a good reason. Over the last decade, we’ve gained a better understanding of the importance of physical activity and how it positively impacts the health and wellbeing of aged care residents. 

At HillView Care on the Gold Coast, our diversional therapists know all about the physical and mental benefits of exercise for ageing adults. It has many benefits for your overall health, including increased mobility, reduced risk of chronic diseases and improved mental health and well-being. 

Some of the main benefits of staying active in residential aged care include: 

Better physical health – Staying active as you age has many health benefits. Regular exercise can strengthen muscles and bones, improve flexibility, balance and reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. 

Improved mental health – Exercise and remaining active can help reduce depression, stress, anxiety and improve mood and self-esteem. It can increase cognitive function to improve memory and attention. 

Improved quality of life – Staying active can help aged care residents develop better sleep routines and increase energy levels. 

More independence – Exercise can improve mobility, allowing residents to remain independent while living in residential aged care. 

While the activities organised by our diversional therapists at HillView Care are always fun and play an essential role in staying fit and active, they have many other benefits, including:

  • Building valuable social connections and relationships.
  • Decreased feeling of isolation.
  • Increased emotional well-being.
  • Less stress.
  • Helping residents to develop new interests.

How residents are staying more active at HillView Care

At our Merrimac and Ashmore residential aged care homes on the Gold Coast, we like to keep our residents active and offer many opportunities every week for residents to exercise. 

Our diversional therapists organise a range of activities, from walking to gardening and shuffleboard. We also offer the HillView Care Wellness Program to help residents stay active. 

The HillView Care Wellness Program

Alongside our passionate diversional therapists, our on-site physiotherapy team has carefully curated a range of activities into an individualised 12-week program to stay active. After each resident is individually assessed, a program will be tailored to meet their specific goals and preferences. 

The program is made up of a variety of practical treatments, including: 

  • Strength and conditioning.
  • Balance.
  • Range of movement.
  • Massage for pain relief.
  • Functional treatments for specific illnesses or injuries.

Throughout the program, residents are continually assessed, and any changes will be made along the way. After completing the program, residents will again be reassessed, and if suitable, they can begin another 12-week program, and so on. Weekly gym sessions with our exercise therapist are also available. 

Our Wellness Program aims to improve residents’ physical function and wellbeing and is designed to meet each resident’s specific needs. 

A trend towards healthier living

Throughout society, there’s a growing trend toward healthy living, so it’s no surprise that this has flowed on throughout residential aged care in Australia. 

At HillView Care we promote healthy living and always try to help our residents understand the importance of maintaining good physical health by staying active. This is demonstrated throughout our Merrimac and Ashmore homes as residents put their health first and are more active than ever before. 

By remaining active and taking advantage of all the great activities at HillView Care, including our Wellness Program, residents can continue to improve their mental and physical health and well-being, while taking advantage of all the benefits of hotel-style living at HillView Care. 

To find out more about HillView Care, book a tour of our Gold Coast residential aged care homes today to see what we offer.

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