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  • June 23 2023
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10 tips for healthy ageing 

At HillView Care, we value the health of our residents and do go above and beyond to help our residents stay healthy. Our state-of-the-art aged care homes at Merrimac and Ashmore are designed to meet the unique needs of our residents and our team is committed to providing compassionate care to ensure our residents are well supported. 

Through our years of experience caring for our residents, here are ten tips for healthy ageing: 

Stay active

Staying physically active is important, especially as you age. Regular exercise can help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. 

The HillView Care team put our residents’ health and well-being first, so to help promote healthy living we started the HillView Care ‘Wellness Program’

This program was designed by our on-site physiotherapy team and is an individualised 12-week program for selected residents at HillView Care Ashmore and Merrimac. Read more about the program here

Eating well

Eating a nutritious, balanced diet is vital to staying healthy as we age. A balanced diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain and lean protein is essential. Sugary, processed foods and products high in fat and salt should be mostly avoided. 

At our residential aged care home on the Gold Coast, we take pride in offering delicious, home-cooked meals prepared by our on-site chefs. We understand that some of our residents may have specific dietary needs due to various health conditions, and our chefs are well-equipped to cater to those needs. 

Working in close collaboration with qualified and experienced dietitians, our chefs develop menus that meet all dietary requirements while still catering to individual preferences.

Stay socially connected

Maintaining your mental health as you age is as important as looking after your physical well-being. Staying socially connected as you age can help prevent loneliness and depression, and help you remain positive. 

Read our blog article ‘staying socially connected in residential aged care‘ for more information. 

Good sleep

To age healthily, it’s vital to get enough sleep. As you age, it can get harder to fall asleep and stay asleep, so creating a good sleep environment and bedtime routine is essential. 

The spacious rooms at our Merrimac and Ashmore aged homes are designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment that promotes restful sleep. Our residents can customise their rooms to their liking, to ensure they have everything they need to get a good night’s rest.

Access high-quality medical care 

As you age you might need additional medical care to manage various health conditions. It’s essential to have doctors who care for your personal needs and provide specialised treatment options. 

We understand that our residents have unique healthcare needs, and we prioritise providing them with access to the best possible medical care. Our team of healthcare professionals includes staff who are dedicated to delivering personalised care tailored to each resident’s individual needs. 

They work closely with our residents to provide ongoing support to ensure they receive the medical attention they require. HillView Care provides residents with the highest quality of care, including top-tier medical services, to ensure they can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.

Keep your mind active 

Just as you need to exercise your body, you need to exercise your mind. Maintaining good cognitive health by engaging in activities like reading, crossword puzzles and other games can help to keep your mind sharp. Our lifestyle team regularly engages residents in such pursuits, encouraging them to participate in group trivia and mind games.

Residential aged care

If you can no longer live independently, residential aged care can help you maintain your health and well-being while helping you live comfortably. We offer a range of services including help with daily tasks, healthy chef-prepared meals, 24/7 medical support and the best possible care available. 

Residential aged care on the Gold Coast

Healthy ageing is essential for maintaining quality of life as you age. By staying active, eating a balanced diet, staying social and getting enough sleep you can ensure you enjoy your later years to their fullest. 

At HillView Care, we are committed to helping our residents maintain their health and well-being and continue living a fulfilling life. Contact us today to learn more about our aged care services and take a tour of our homes

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