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  • October 05 2022
  • Wellness

A passion for compassion: why our team is dedicated to providing excellent care 

When you’re looking for an aged care home for a loved one we know there are always a few important prerequisites. Beautiful facilities, comfortable rooms and a caring and supportive environment are normally top priority. 

Aged care workers are always at the heart of creating a supportive and caring environment. In residential aged care they are the people you trust to support, nourish and care for your loved one and look after their health and wellbeing when you’re not around.  

At HillView Care we are proud of our team of aged care workers and truly believe they are one of the factors that help us stand out from the rest. Our staff are genuinely passionate and often build strong bonds with residents, helping them stay connected and engaged. 

Some of the ways our team shows their dedication to excellent care include: 

Our team encourage independence

Residents at our Merrimac and Ashmore homes choose how they are cared for and run their own day. While our friendly staff are there to support them every step of the way, they also encourage residents to remain as independent as possible. This helps build self-confidence and ensures residents feel empowered while staying at HillView Care.

Personalised care

We provide personalised care for our residents and always ensure we are meeting their individual care needs. We give family and friends the peace of mind knowing their loved ones are receiving the best care possible. 

Staff in our dementia care team are carefully selected and highly qualified. Their focus is to build strong bonds with residents with dementia, providing compassion and a deep understanding of their individual needs to care for them during this challenging time. 

Professional medical care 

We have a medical team on-hand 24/7 and provide specialty care from a highly-trained team of professionals. We also have allied health professionals available on-site to ensure the health and wellbeing of your loved one. 

Our staff understand the importance of privacy, administering all medication in rooms to ensure residents are comfortable and maintain their dignity. 

Social connection

One of the most important roles our staff at HillView Care play is to help residents build valuable social connections. Ensuring residents stay socially connected can reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, enhance emotional wellness and relieve stress and boredom.

Our diversional therapists are dedicated to helping our residents build strong connections and arrange a huge variety of events and activities both on-site and in the community.  They create opportunities for residents to get to know one another, learn new skills and participate in a range of fun activities.

The compassionate team at HillView Care understands the importance of helping residents spend quality time with family and friends. At our Merrimac and Ashmore homes we provide beautiful spaces for our residents to catch up with their loved ones and can even provide catering for family functions or events. 

A dedication to excellent care

At HillView our team is dedicated to excellence in care. Whether it’s our nurses, kitchen hands, physiotherapists or diversional therapists, we go above and beyond to provide premium aged care services and exceed expectations. 

Our mission is to enhance the lifestyle of our residents by encouraging and supporting their physical, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing. 

If you have more questions, or would like to take a stroll through our beautiful gardens and view our well-appointed rooms, book a tour or request a callback today.

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