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  • May 26 2023
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Early signs of dementia

Do you care for a loved family member who you think may be starting to develop signs of early dementia? According to Dementia Australia, in 2023, there will be more than 400,000 Australians living with dementia, and this is expected to increase in the next couple of decades.  

What is dementia? 

Contrary to what many people think, dementia isn’t one specific disease; it’s a collection of symptoms that affect the brain. It can affect one’s memory, thinking and behaviour and often interferes with a person’s everyday life. 

Early signs of dementia

Many signs of dementia are pretty subtle, so they can be hard to recognise initially. Early dementia signs include: 

  • memory loss
  • confusion 
  • changes in mood
  • issues with speech or writing
  • a change in problem-solving abilities
  • problems completing everyday tasks
  • poor judgement
  • a withdrawal from social activities.

Memory loss

One early sign of dementia is your loved one having trouble remembering recent activities, events or misplacing items around the home. They may also have difficulty remembering faces and names of people they know. 

Mood changes

Dementia can also affect a person’s mood and cause mood swings and apathy. You may notice that your loved one is not acting like themselves and can’t find joy in the activities they previously loved. 

Difficulty communicating

If your loved one has problems communicating, it could be an early sign of dementia. They may find it hard to find the right words for what they want to say, repeat sentences or find it more challenging to understand you when you speak. 


People experiencing the early sign of dementia may appear confused or disoriented at times. This can happen in their homes or where they frequently visit, or when they are out and about somewhere new. 

Difficulty completing everyday tasks

Is your loved one finding it more difficult to prepare meals, go shopping or complete everyday tasks? Dementia affects one’s ability to solve problems, which could be an early sign of the condition. 

Poor judgement

Dementia can bring about poor judgement and make a person more impulsive, make poor decisions and fail to understand the consequences of their actions. 

How is dementia diagnosed? 

As soon as symptoms appear, your loved one must visit their doctor. They can identify if your loved one is experiencing early signs of dementia. Early diagnosis is advantageous as your loved one can access support and information as soon as possible. 

Residential aged care for dementia patients

If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia and you’re finding it difficult to take care of them, it might be time to consider aged care. 

HillView Care offer a supportive and caring environment for dementia patients. Our Gold Coast dementia care team strongly emphasises supporting dementia care patients’ individual needs and ensuring they have round-the-clock care in a safe and caring environment.

At HillView Care we aim to ensure all our residents live a happy and fulfilling life. We believe we play a crucial role in supporting individuals with dementia.  To take a look around our facilities, book a tour or contact us on 07 5559 3222. 

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